‘Go Read Me Campaign’ Review of ‘The Violin Man’s Legacy’.

‘Go Read Me Campaign’ Review of ‘The Violin Man’s Legacy’.

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Stevie Turner

Susan Toy and Seumas Gallacher started this excellent campaign recently.  You can read all about it from Seumas’s blog:

…Authors… progress report on the initial GoReadMe! Campaign…

I’ve read my first book, which is ‘The Violin Man’s Legacy’, and I’ll share the review here and the link.  I urge fans of fast paced thrillers to read this book.




Jack Calder, ex SAS and a man with a troubled childhood history, now works for a security company ISP which is investigating who is behind the ambush of a routine delivery of diamonds from Johannesburg to Utrecht. An injured security guard is certain that the criminals were Chinese. Jack’s boss Julian Townsend asks attractive widow and head of Hong Kong’s branch of ISP, May-Ling, to help him. May-Ling’s informants tell her the diamonds have arrived in Hong Kong and that the two criminal Half Moon brothers, Jonnie and…

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This is a page on a publisher website that lists some amazing titles of books in several different categories by various authors. A number of them are featured in a promotion participated in by various different authors.

Expert Interview Series: Chris Westfall of Westfall & Associates, LLC About How Top Business Speakers Use Elevator Pitches to Tell Stories and Achieve Success

Source: Expert Interview Series: Chris Westfall of Westfall & Associates, LLC About How Top Business Speakers Use Elevator Pitches to Tell Stories and Achieve Success

John V Prath

This person is a writer and he likes fiction, non fiction and biographies. He reads. He is planning to write a novel.

John V Prath, Writer and Author

Source: John V Prath

Have a read of this. It is a cool little privilege you could use if you want to collect a list of blogs you like for easy reference.

I recently discovered a new webpage called Bloglovin’ while reading some content on one of the blogs that I am following, which I thought was going to come into handy as I considered that this was something worthy of my attention. And I thought that it would be a good idea to mention about it on my page. So here is a summary I am going to give that will express some details about this topic. Bloglovin’ is a page that you can use to make a list of blogs that you are interested in and to keep a record like a daily diary of the content that is published on the blogs you follow so that you get updated whenever there is a new post printed on them. It tells you how the posts are doing and gives you some publicising on what content is popular on a particular blog and you can open doors into new ones that might attract interest to them. Great idea!!

<a href=”https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/18315777/?claim=rbyzw7bj2wt”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Excerpt: Unbreakable

This piece sounded really interesting and came as a really refreshing read. I would definitely considering coming to this page again and reading more of what’s one here. There is a lot of interest on this page and certainly fits in very well with the kinds of books I like to read.

Here is some descriptive content summarising my pages.

I am a writer and a very keen reader, which is something I have a considerable degree of interest in, and I gain a lot of engagement from it, that is what what makes it a pleasure to do. There are many books that would be commonly referred to as classics and there is a category in the world of literature that is perhaps limited to a certain proportion of readers that have a close group that has appreciation for those books that could be called cult novels. I have a purpose that is expected to be reflected in the layout of this site and what I have decided to do with it is to write a series of articles that are printed on this site that will describe the reasons I consider certain works or literature from selected authors should be regarded as great writing.

Many literary works have been adapted for the small screen and have been given the feature film interpretation and there is evidence that a number of well known works of literature have been brought to audiences in the theatre. In the body of the articles that I am doing I want to give a certain extent of emphasis towards the context that gets the plot of these novels that are mentioned going. I am going to explain the subject matter that drives the events that are depicted in the description given in the novels as the authors means of shaping the plot and the characterisation that gives the novels their narrative voice. Concerning the integral element of the public knowledge about these literary works that are presented in the memories that have grown out of the works of literature by those who have read them and the inspiration that has been drawn from it amongst stage and screen world I am going to exhibit a summary of the plot and characterisation that forms part of the feature films and plays.

My overall aim that I want to bring to the articles that I am printing here in the collection on these pages is to mention what we have learnt from the novels as readers towards the point of the way they are recognised as the first part of it. The second part of it is to give some level of detail about the adaptations of the novels and make a comparison between the screen versions and the original text on which they are based. This might be a direct transformation of the book that comes to life on screen as a precise adaptation or it could be interpreted as a loose adaptation and this means that the film is incorporating the characters of the novels and takes some liberties with what happens in it. This element of the content I am constructing is meant to show what is good about the films that have been made based on the works of literature and the ways in which the film-makers have translated the material on the page to what we see on screen.

Survey Question-Why do you put that book down?

Survey Question-Why do you put that book down?

This piece is very engaging with people who are interested in reading or those who do something that is related to books or people perhaps who take up writing as a pastime or other paths in life that has drawn them to write. It asks some possible terms for discussion that is worth asking and is definitely something that might bring readers attention towards the subject matter referred to in this post.

Lit World Interviews

Here is the first of our LWI Survey Questions. Never a list, just the one. Yes, I know there are two but the second is clarifying the first. The results will be shared, minus names provided.

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This is a brilliant blog post I found from the blog called Fiction’s Mistress that is compiled by Maggie.

This is a series that I’ve been meaning to read for quite a long time. And I do mean a long time. I remember a family member buying this book set for me at one of my first book fairs in grade school, and it’s been on my shelf ever since. It isn’t as if I […]

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