Survey Question-Why do you put that book down?


This piece is very engaging with people who are interested in reading or those who do something that is related to books or people perhaps who take up writing as a pastime or other paths in life that has drawn them to write. It asks some possible terms for discussion that is worth asking and is definitely something that might bring readers attention towards the subject matter referred to in this post.

Lit World Interviews

Here is the first of our LWI Survey Questions. Never a list, just the one. Yes, I know there are two but the second is clarifying the first. The results will be shared, minus names provided.

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6 thoughts on “Survey Question-Why do you put that book down?

    • Good for you. I am really pleased that you liked the description I posted. It is great to hear that you have found some interest in the survey I suggested as part of one of my posts and you participated in it and shared it on social media. I am glad that you had decided to do that and I am guessing that you have had some fun with it.


    • Thank you for getting though to me about the survey I referred to in a post. Good to hear that you shared the content that appears in it.
      I would have done that as well, it shows that when a point of view is heard it takes a following to build around it.


      • I find inspiration every time I go to my local fa;12r&#8em7rs market! I love walking around, seeing all the stands full of fresh fruits and veggies. I never know what I’m going to find, and I’m always imagining creative ways to use up the fresh basil, kale, apples, or whatever is there that day. I seriously wish they had the market everyday!


      • What was the purpose of giving the comment you submitted to do with finding inspiration when you visit a farmer’s market. The post I was referring to on the page where I showcased it was meant to be about reading novels and reasons that you would be persuaded to read the book. The comment you submitted doesn’t seem to be relevant to the subject of books. The personal website I am creating my own expressive pieces for and putting some excerpts from websites I read interesting pieces on that catches my eye is focussed on literature, writing, and publishing. I would generally expect those that are following me and have submitted comments to be giving me their thoughts and ideas that are to do with the subject of literature and reading.


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