Literature Compendium


Hi, I am James. I am a writer and I also do some comprehensive research into the subject of literature. I am a student in creative writing and I like to read so I decided that I would do a blog that is about writing. I am putting some content here about classic novels and describing them. My purpose for this is to print a series of articles here that comprise pieces about each title in a series of novels by well known writers. I want to examine the plot of these novels and fully express the recognisable knowledge that is presented to all of us as readers of these works of literature about the characters that form the central figures throughout the narrative of the novels. I am going to organise this content into a descriptive format that will explain the reason I consider these novels that are featured in this blog to be great writing.

Many a great novel such as the ones that are written about in these pages have been adapted into big screen adaptations and also made into television series. They have also to name some seen a collection of different novels/films that have taken inspiration in some form from the classics. I will accompany the descriptions of the novels with some summaries of the motion picture versions and perhaps some of the work that has been inspired by it. The purpose of this blog that encompasses both of the two sites that I have compiled here is to demonstrate thoughts and ideas about literature and give an appreciation of them. And I have also included amongst the content I post quotes from notable authors and pieces that I have collected from around the internet about books and writing.

It was mainly, the most important factor that will define the reason I am doing this blog, is to further an interest in reading and the world of literature. I am also expressing my views about the pleasure of reading illustrated by examples of books that I have enjoyed reading and ones that I haven’t read but I would consider reading them in the future because I am attracted towards them. Reading for pleasure and the enjoyment that can be gleaned from it is something that has definitely resonated in the way that it gives me inspiration and dedication that I can draw on towards gaining a recognisable name for myself. Then I can consider that I am a writer.



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